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Growing The

Giving Experience

Connecting you to the technology

that provides a powerful, enhanced 

fundraising experience.

Bring the fun back into Fundraising


Online auction platform that can be utilized on any mobile or desktop device. Donors can bid from across the room to across the world.  Unlimited number of auction items can be quickly set up.  Donors can receive in real-time text and email notifications on items they are bidding on. Letting them know if they have been outbid or won their item.


Online raffle capabilities for your non-profit fundraiser. Maximize your fundraising experience by offering online raffling to reach a wider donor base.   Not only do we provide the online platform to run your raffle, but we will help you with the approval process.  


Just with one click your donors can make a big contribution to your cause. Donors can easily donate through any mobile or desktop device at any time. Start receiving donations instantly - don't waste any time not fundraising.      


Don't limit your fundraising efforts to just your event - expand your efforts to on-going campaigns.  Grow your donor base with joint monthly marketing campaigns, cross-advertisement, and targeted messaging.


Monitor your events, marketing campaigns and outreach to effectively fundraise.  Pin-point and profile your donor base to provide personalized marketing campaigns and messaging, efficiently go after the right donors, and know who to invite to your next event.  


Overwhelmed with managing your event?  Let us help!  We can help with registration and check-in, organizing donations, creating online auctions, raffles, donations, and buy products, event set-up, monitoring, and much more!




It all started at the dinner table. While Pat's mother, Helen, was in the hospital, Pat and her 8 siblings did what they do best - lend a helping hand.  Each one took it upon themselves to help in any way possible. One of Pat's tasks was to take over Helen's financials.  Pat remembers walking into her childhood home and seeing their long dining room table covered in bills that she thought she would never get through.  As she started opening the envelopes, she realized that they were not actually bills, but charities asking for small donations.  Helen, who was on a very small fixed income, still managed to give a little here and a little there, for those in need. Helen always gave what she could, either from volunteering, to praying, or just the little amount she had in her wallet. These small gestures sparked the calling to Pat to continue what her mother was doing her whole life - help those in need,


At Golden Clover Inc. we maximize the fundraising efforts of organizations giving back to their community.  Through our online platforms we allow those who want to change the world to concentrate on serving others while we streamline their funding through an array of online revenue streams.  Our aim is to foster a sense of community by making it easy and efficient for individuals and organizations to give back.  We will make it possible for anyone with an idea or a cause to have access to our network and tools to raise funding for their cause.


State of the art technology that allows full flexibility and control over your fundraising.  One central platform that allows you to maximize and monitor all of your fundraising activities in one spot.  Need full intergration into your site or partner?  We got you covered.  Need a white label site?  We got you covered.  Just need one or two of our tools intergrated onto your platform? We got you covered.  For all your digital fundraising needs - we are here to lend a helping hand.



Public Outreach Online and Mobile 
Fundraising Platform
Online and Mobile E-Commerce  Platform
Event Management/Event Online
and Mobile Fundraising Platform
  • ​Silent auctions
  • Online non-profit raffle capabilities 
  • Online donations and donation buttons
  • Buy now products
    (i.e. Shirts, Hats, Stickers)
  • Mobile bidding and fundraising
  • Public outreach and cross-marketing of your fundraising campaign
  • On-going fundraising process (do not need to be tied to an event).
  • Access to the Luv2Give Community that connects you to other causes and donors.
  • Central location for all admin and reporting needs
  • ​Silent auctions and/or Live auctions
  • Online or Live non-profit raffle capabilities 
  • Online donations and donation buttons
  • Buy now products
    (i.e. Shirts, Hats, Stickers)
  • Registration and ticket purchasing
  • Event Management
  • Mobile bidding and fundraising
  • Semi-Private or Private Events
  • Access to the Luv2Give Community that connects you to other causes and donors.
  • Central location for all admin and reporting needs
  • Robust site search, dynamic categories and left navigation
  • Mobile and Responsive Design
  • Intergration to major vendor hubs for products and services
  • Unlimited product and site build out
  • Charity marketing programs that engages and retains customer base
  • Cross marketing from charity platforms to capture wider audience
  • Product personalization and customer profiling for maximizing purchases
  • Central location for all admin and reporting needs



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Founder & CEO/CTO

An executive leader (COO/CTO/CIO) with 28 years of technology and operational experience.  Pat specializes in ecommerce, digital strategies and developing high performing technical and operations teams. Experience in growing online and ecommerce businesses:  FTD,, Rewards Network, and uBid.  As a Technology leader, Pat was integral in growing revenues from $10 million to $300 million at FTD and from $20 mil to $125 mil at  Pat played the role of COO/CIO at uBid, Inc. were she was responsible for merchandizing, e-commerce, marketing/technology. She built out a new technology e-commerce platform to be used for various white label commerce platforms.  Experience with Fortune 50/100 (Waste Management).

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